School Lunch

Menu November 2017


Breakfast and lunch are served in the cafeteria for a small cost. Students may pre-pay for their meals by the week or by the month. Applications for free/reduced lunch are available in the school office, or at the district office and need to be resubmitted every year. Federal funds subsidize the school lunch program. Misuse, or providing inaccurate information is considered theft and/or fraud. All food & drinks must be consumed in the cafeteria. Breakfast is served daily from 7:15-7:45 a.m. Lunch is served with a variety of choices available each day. Lunch periods are 30 minutes daily. Everyone has the right to eat lunch in a clean safe environment. Students will be encouraged to use and demonstrate acceptable social manners while using the lunchroom facilities. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Examples of behaviors that are inappropriate for the lunch room:
• Loud or inappropria

te language
• Throwing of food or beverage
• Smashing food or beverage containers
• Harassing or taking food from other

• Leaving tables or the floor cluttered with
food, litter, or in an unclean manner.
• Disrespectful behavior towards lunchroom
personnel or supervisors.
• Theft: using another person's lunch I.D.

The Hamblen County Board of Education prohibits food to be brought into the school cafeteria from outside commercial food service establishments. This is in keeping with federal guidelines regulating the National School Lunch Program.