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Watch Lincoln Elementary students perform Home on the Range.
Watch our students use neat ways to learn the letter W!
Celebrating Seuss at Lincoln Elementary!
Watch Lincoln Heights Elementary students participate in many Social Studies related...
Slideshow of PINK Day photos
Watch Johnny Appleseed's visit
Watch Lincoln's PreK students do the Wiggle Willie
Pirate Day Slideshow!
HINT: Little and Furry
Watch Lincoln Heights Elementary students sing songs about different places they...
Take a look at our "Cats in Hats"!
LHES PreK students enjoy a trip to The Pink Pig!
PreK Students Reciting Pledges
Check out staff and students as the sport fuzzy mustaches and read The Lorax to...
LHES students take us on a Journey Through History with their projects.
Brubaker's Math Boot Camp
Watch students receive bears from the Appalachian Bear Rescue
Family Game Night Photos
Slideshow from Trip to Muse
Video of Music and Art Correlation Activity
Pink Day Photos
Our students honored law enforcement and emergency service providers by wearing...
Take a look into the life of Puerto Rican Students
Ms. Torres Shares Puerto Rico
First graders at Lincoln Heights Elementary enjoyed a FaceTime session with students...
Mrs. Torres