fourth grade teachers

Welcome to 4th grade! We are so glad to have you! You can expect your child to learn many new skills in both math and English Language Arts.

In math, our instructional time will focus on four key areas: (1) Fully understanding multiplication and division (2) understanding fractions and decimals (3) working with numbers through the millions, and (4) deepening problem solving skills with more complex word problems.

    In ELA, our instructional time will focus on different aspects of Reading, Writing, Foundational Literacy, and Grammar. In Writing, students will learn how to write pieces that flow in chronological or logical order. While reading, students will develop skills that allow them to demonstrate understanding of a text through many different literary elements (plot, theme, main idea, etc). They will also be able to relate to characters in stories and compare them to their own opinions and worlds. Foundational Literacy will allow students to develop skills that allow them to decode, encode, and read words with fluency. Students will also continue to expand their vocabulary through various texts and spelling lists.

    Fourth Grade Teachers