3rd grade teachers

Welcome to 3rd grade! We are so glad you are here! This year, you can expect your child to learn several new skills in both ELA and math.

In math, our instructional time will focus on four key areas: (1) understanding multiplication and division and using strategies to solve multiplication and division within 100; (2) understanding fractions, comparing fractions, and recognizing equivalent fractions; (3) understanding perimeter and area; and (4) understanding and describing two-dimensional shapes.

In ELA, our instructional time will focus on different aspects of Reading, Writing, Foundational Literacy, and Grammar. In Writing, students will learn how to write opinion, informative, and narrative essays. While reading, students will develop skills that allow them to demonstrate understanding of a text through many different literary elements (plot, theme, main idea, etc). Foundational Literacy will allow students to develop skills that allow them to decode, encode, and read words with fluency. Through grammar, students will work towards understanding the different aspects of sentences and how to correctly write them. 

Third Grade Teachers